November 5, 2018 minutes

Alexandria Township

Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

Minutes of the meeting of November 5, 2018

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Alexandria Township was held on the 5th day of November, 2018 at the Alexandria Township Conference Room, 324 Broadway.

ROLL CALL:  Supervisors present were Joel Dahlheimer, Rod Eldevik, Linda Dokken-McFann and Jerry Wright.  Also present were Gregg Raisanen, Clerk, and Mona Billmark, Treasurer.  As said members formed a quorum and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Eldevik at 6:00 p.m.

Dokken-McFann, seconded by Dahlheimer, made a motion to adopt the agenda with the addition of two items under Citizen Concerns.  Motion carried unanimously.

Wright, seconded by Dahlheimer, made a motion to approve the minutes of the 10/15/2018 regular board meeting as written.  Dokken-McFann abstained.  Motion carried.

Dahlheimer, seconded by Dokken-McFann, made a motion to authorize payment of claims 18215-18222 in the amount of $20,388.36, net payroll $3,159.76 totaling $23,548.12 and a transfer from savings of $13,000.00.  Motion carried unanimously.

CITIZEN’S CONCERNS:  Chairman Eldevik reported the town had been notified of a new residence being built on Wilderness Ridge with no visible erosion control.  Consensus to have Zoning Administrator Oleson contact the contractor.

Eldevik also reported on a situation regarding Newman Road.  An area farmer has been hauling on this road and, as a consequence, has torn one of the shoulders as well as a portion of blacktop.  Consensus to have the clerk research the reclamation process.





Being no further business, Dahlheimer, seconded by Dokken-McFann, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 6:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted….


Gregg Raisanen, Clerk

Approved this ____ day of ________, 2018


Rod Eldevik, Chairman