December 16, 2019 agenda

Alexandria Township Board of Supervisors


6:00 PM

Call to Order                 Chair Eldevik

Approve agenda

Approval of Minutes: 12/02/19 regular board minutes

Payment of Bills: Claims 19220-19234 in the amount of $95,115.68, Net Payroll $2,899.35, EFTPS $2,701.52, totaling $100,716.55

Transfer of Funds: $ 98,000.00

Citizen Concerns:

Planning and Zoning:

  1. Zoning Administrator items of business

Engineer’s Report:

  1. Engineers items of business

Old Business:

New Business:

  1. Swimming Beach-Lifeguard
  2. Expenditure review-Transfer of funds
  3. Review Board of Appeals and Equalization


Dates to Remember:

Dec. 31-Jan. 14: Office filing Supervisors D and E

Jan. 6- Regular Board Meeting

Jan. 22 – Regular Board Meeting (note Weds.)