July 15, 2019 minutes

Alexandria Township

Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

Minutes of the meeting of July 15, 2019

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Alexandria Township was held on the 15th day of July, 2019 at the Alexandria Township Conference Room, 324 Broadway.

ROLL CALL:  Supervisors present were Jeff Oberg, Joel Dahlheimer, Rod Eldevik, Dennis Butz and Jerry Wright.  Also present were Gregg Raisanen, Clerk, and Mona Billmark, Treasurer.  As said members formed a quorum and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Eldevik at 6:00 p.m.

Dahlheimer, seconded by Butz, made a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Wright, seconded by Oberg, made a motion to approve the minutes of the 7/01/2019 regular board meeting as written.  Motion carried unanimously.

Wright, seconded by Oberg, made a motion to authorize payment of claims 19128 -19136 in the amount of $18,297.50, EFTPS of $1,273.16, and net payroll of $664.92, totaling $20,235.58 and a transfer of funds from savings of $18,000.00.  Motion carried unanimously.



OLD BUSINESS:  Supervisor Oberg provided an update regarding the future of the LAR joint powers agreement.  School District 206 is drafting a proposed plan to take over the operation of LAR while maintaining current programming.  They have reviewed the total assets and liabilities of LAR and have determined that the net assets will be minimal if the joint powers is dissolved.  The board will review a proposal in the future once the city attorney is done drafting the agreement.

The board discussed future storage needs for the township.  Explore Alexandria is interested in cost sharing in additional storage space with the township in the existing building.  Clerk Raisanen will check with Douglas County in regard to the township voting booths, which take up a significant amount of storage space.

Being no further business, Dahlheimer, seconded by Oberg, made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted….


Gregg Raisanen, Clerk

Approved this ____ day of ________, 2019


Rod Eldevik, Chairman