March 15, 2021 minutes

Alexandria Township

Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

Minutes of the meeting of March 15, 2021

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Alexandria Township was held on the 15th day of March, 2021 at the Alexandria Township Conference Room, 324 Broadway and via teleconference.

ROLL CALL:  Supervisors present were Jeff Oberg, Joel Dahlheimer, Rod Eldevik, Dennis Butz and Jerry Wright.  Also present was Gregg Raisanen, Clerk, via teleconference.  As said members formed a quorum and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Eldevik at 6:00 p.m.

Wright, seconded by Oberg, made a motion to adopt the agenda with the addition of Douglas County Emergency Management under New Business.  Motion carried unanimously.

Oberg, seconded by Wright, made a motion to approve the minutes of the 03/01/21 regular board meeting as written.  Motion carried unanimously.

Dahlheimer, seconded by Butz, made a motion to authorize payment of claims 21047 – 21063 in the amount of $11,190.50, EFTPS of $1,293.54, totaling $12,484.04 and a transfer from savings of $11,000.00.  Motion carried unanimously.


PLANNING AND ZONING:  Zoning Administrator Oleson reported he had been contacted by a landowner who inquired as to the feasibility of building a garage with living quarters and then at some future date building a home on the property.  At that time, the owner would then want to convert the garage to a guest cottage. Administrator Oleson reported Douglas County only permits a guest cottage with a maximum size of 700 ft2.  This structure would exceed that size. Oleson asked the board if their interpretation of the law includes the whole structure or just the living quarters not to exceed 700 ft2.  The board was in consensus to follow the county’s interpretation and instruct the landowner they can apply for a variance in the future.

The board discussed the farmland located to the east of Lake Geneva and the concern about runoff.  Previously the landowner voluntarily placed hay bales near the culvert to prevent silt from entering the drain.  Zoning Administrator Oleson will request hay bales again from the landowner.

Julie Anderson, Douglas County Emergency Management Public Information Officer, was present to discuss the county’s role in managing emergencies.  She encouraged the township to report any damage resulting from future storm events.  The county coordinates the collection of storm damage information and also assists with the application of State and Federal damage assistance if needed.



NEW BUSINESS:  The board discussed the date of the annual road inspection.  A date of April 24, 2021 at 8:30 was tentatively set to complete the inspections.

Clerk Raisanen reported the winter road maintenance contract will expire at the end of March and inquired if the board desires to get quotes or advertise for bids.  Dahlheimer, seconded by Wright, made a motion to authorize Clerk Raisanen to advertise for quotes for summer road maintenance.  Motion carried unanimously.

Being no further business, Dahlheimer, seconded by Oberg, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted….


Gregg Raisanen, Clerk

Approved this ____ day of ________, 2020


Rod Eldevik, Chairman