February 21, 2024 minutes

Alexandria Township

Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

Minutes of the meeting of February 21, 2024

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Alexandria Township was held on the 21st day of February, 2024 at the Alexandria Township Conference Room, 324 Broadway and via teleconference.

ROLL CALL:  Supervisors present were Joel Dahlheimer, Rod Eldevik, and Jerry Wright.  Also present were Mark Meuwissen, Deputy Clerk and via teleconference Gregg Raisanen, Clerk, and Mona Billmark, Treasurer.  Said members formed a quorum and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Eldevik at 6:00 p.m.

The agenda was modified to include under new business discussion of MN DOT road construction on I-94 between Osakis and Alexandria exits.  Dahlheimer, seconded by Wright, made a motion to adopt the agenda as modified.  Motion carried unanimously.

Wright, seconded by Dahlheimer, made a motion to approve the minutes of the 02/05/24 regular board meeting as written.  Motion carried unanimously.

Dahlheimer, seconded by Wright, made a motion to authorize payment of claims 24038 – 24046 in the amount of $14,854.45, EFTPS of $1,654.95 and net payroll $766.5 totaling $17,275.90 with a transfer from savings of $20,000.00.


PLANNING AND ZONING:  Zoning Administrator Oleson reported the planning commission had held a public hearing on a conditional use permit request for Tom Wosepka, 3206 W Lake Jessie Dr SE, and recommended approval with conditions.  The CUP request was to allow movement of more than 50 cubic yards of earth in a shoreland district to prepare property for future building.  Alan Schlangen of Caliber Buildings LLC was present to describe the project already in progress.  The 2nd of 4 conditions outlined in the staff report was modified to include the following sentence: “The plan submitted to the Township on January 18, 2024 indicating a row of silt log downslope (north and northwest) of the proposed building, then an 8” depression followed by a row of silt fencing shall be considered to meet this requirement and shall be implemented unless an alternate plan is approved by the Township Zoning Administrator”; and to condition no. 4 was changed to include the following: “($300 for after-the-fact fee standard land alteration resolved after first notice).  Wright, seconded by Dahlheimer, made a motion to approve the conditional use request for Tom Wosepka with the four conditions outlined in the staff report, with conditions 2 and 4 modified as aforementioned. Roll call:  Wright, Dahlheimer, Eldevik – yes.  Opposed: none.  Motion carried unanimously.

Oleson reported that Evan Amundson of Carr’s Tree Service had notified him of their intention to purchase adjacent land for purposes of storing brush, reducing fire risk, and improved safety of their operations.  It was noted the land identified for possible purchase was not platted or zoned appropriately.  Oleson said these issues could be resolved and asked if the Board had any objections to Carr’s Tree Service pursuing the purchase of this adjacent land.  The board had no objection.



New Business: Clerk Raisanen presented a preliminary budget and levy proposal to the board.  The preliminary budget increased spending by approximately 10% and the proposed levy increased by approximately 8.6%.  Clerk Raisanen noted that new construction and increased housing in the township has added tax capacity. Individual taxpayers would not see an equivalent increase in their property tax obligation. Copies will be forwarded to the Board for their review.

Chairman Eldevik discussed MNDot’s plans for road construction of I-94 between the Osakis and Alexandria exits. It is anticipated that MNDot will use 50th Avenue SE to haul concrete, resulting in a negative impact on the road.  Clerk Raisanen mentioned this might give the current grant request to improve this road more urgency.  Chairman Eldevik agreed to make inquiries and bring more information to the Board in a future meeting.

Being no further business, Dahlheimer, seconded by Wright, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 6:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted….


Mark Meuwissen, Deputy Clerk

Approved this ____ day of ________, 2024


Rod Eldevik, Chairman