Map & Statistics

Alexandria Township Map

The map below shows the borders of Alexandria Township. The area on west side of the red borders is the City of Alexandria and the area on the east side of the red border denotes the City of Nelson. Areas in blue are lakes.

View the pdf map to see the borders


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Alexandria Township Statistics

Population: 2,687
Registered Voters: 1,900
Approved 2016 Budget: General Government $209,300
Parks and Recreation $30,500
Fire Protection $47,418
Roads and Bridges $220,000
Snow and Weed $50,000
Blacktop $75,000
ALASD $130,000
Planning and Zoning $50,000

Total: $812,218

Miles of Roads: 20.31 Blacktop
20.81 Gravel
41.12 miles total
Board Meetings: 1st & 3rd. Monday of the Month @ 6 PM
Planning Commission meets 4th Monday of the month @ 6:00 PM
324 Broadway (lower level)
Alexandria, MN 56308

*Please note that the conference room is located on the lower level

If Monday is a legal holiday, the meeting will be the following Wednesday.

Alexandria Township Annual Meeting: 2nd. Tuesday in March @ 8:00 PM
Good Shepherd Church
Election of Officers: 2nd. Tuesday in March 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Good Shepherd Church
Office Hours: Township Office Hours: 9 AM - 1 PM, Monday - Friday
Office Address: 324 Broadway Suite #101
Alexandria, MN 56308