May 17, 2021 minutes

Alexandria Township

Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

Minutes of the meeting of May 17, 2021

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Alexandria Township was held on the 17th day of May, 2021 at the Alexandria Township Conference Room, 324 Broadway and via teleconference.

ROLL CALL:  Supervisors present were Jeff Oberg, Joel Dahlheimer, Rod Eldevik, Dennis Butz and Jerry Wright.  Also present were Gregg Raisanen, Clerk and Mona Billmark, Treasurer.  As said members formed a quorum and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Eldevik at 6:00 p.m.

Oberg, seconded by Butz, made a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Wright, seconded by Oberg, made a motion to approve the minutes of the 05/03/21 regular board meeting as written.  Motion carried unanimously.

Butz, seconded by Wright, made a motion to authorize payment of claims 21094 – 21100 in the amount of $45,334.38, EFTPS of $1,788.83, Net Payroll of $738.80, totaling $47,862.001.  Motion carried unanimously.

CITIZEN’S CONCERNS:  A resident from the Le Homme Dieu Heights neighborhood inquired of Zoning Administrator Oleson whether chickens would be allowed on a lot less than 1-acre in size.  The current ordinance does not permit chickens on any lot less than 1-acre, so the request would either require a variance or modifying the ordinance.

PLANNING AND ZONING:  Zoning Administrator Oleson reported he and Supervisor Wright visited the Doug Norris property.  The front part of the property had been cleaned up; however, the back portion had a significant amount of used tires and scrap metal.  Zoning Administrator Oleson was directed by the board to send Mr. Norris a letter instructing him to remove all the scrap tires and metal from his property within 30 days.

Supervisor Oberg reported that Douglas County was exploring an ordinance to require a lot clearing permit for vacant property. They are also reviewing the definition of impervious coverage calculations based on different materials.

ENGINEER’S REPORT:  Engineer Kuhn reported it looked favorable for Alexandria Township to receive a 1.25 million dollar state grant to improve 50th Ave.  This joint two million dollar project, if approved, will require a contribution of approximately $300,000 from the township to complete.  The board was in consensus to move forward with the project if the grant was received.


NEW BUSINESS:  The board was informed that the newest planning commission member has submitted his resignation.  A possible replacement will be considered at the next meeting.

Being no further business, Oberg, seconded by Dahlheimer, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted….


Gregg Raisanen, Clerk

Approved this ____ day of ________, 2021


Rod Eldevik, Chairman