April 22, 2024 minutes


Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

Minutes of the meeting of April 22, 2024 

A regular meeting/public hearing of the Planning Commission of Alexandria Township was held on the 22nd day of April, 2024 at the Township Conference Room, 324 Broadway, and via teleconference.

Roll Call:  Commission members present were Shad Steinbrecher, Larry Steidl, Linda Dokken-McFann and Julie Haar.  Also present were Bonnie Fulghum, Administrative Assistant, and Ben Oleson, Township Zoning Administrator.  As said members formed a quorum and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Steidl at 5:00 p.m.

Agenda: Steinbrecher, seconded by Dokken-McFann, made a motion to approve the agenda as written.  Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes: Steinbrecher, seconded by Dokken-McFann, made a motion to approve the minutes of the 03/25/2024 meeting as written.  Motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Steidl recessed the meeting to open the public hearing on the interim use request submitted by Terry Fish, property located at 5229 County Road 82 SE.

Public Hearing:  The applicant, Terry Fish, stated his intention to place a cargo container on his property.  His sister, Sheri Fish, will be moving in with him and they will need the container for storage.  Ideally, they would like to have the container in place long-term.

Zoning Administrator Oleson reported the reason for the interim use permit is due to the addition of a cargo container onto the property.  By ordinance, cargo containers require an interim use permit.  Basic concerns for cargo containers are appearance, ongoing maintenance, and curbside appeal.  The property is located in the Industrial district.  Surrounding properties are either industrial or commercial in nature. The container would be well screened by trees.

Members of the planning commission mentioned existing items cluttering the yard.  The applicant said he will be disseminating items for storage, disposal, or donation.  Mr. Fish plans on painting the container white, which will bring it into compliance with condtion no. 1 of the staff report.

Chairman Steidl opened the hearing to the public for comment. Hearing none, he closed the public hearing and resumed the meeting.

Commissioner Haar joined the meeting.

Haar, seconded by Dokken-McFann, made a motion to recommend approval of the interim use permit submitted by Terry Fish with the 5 conditions outlined in the staff report, amending condition no. 3 to read:  “The interim use allowing for the cargo container to remain in place shall remain in effect for seven (7) years or until the property transfers out of the name of Terry Ray Fish or Sheri Gaye Fish.  The applicant may request an extension of the timeframe at, or near, the time it expires.”  Roll:  Haar, Steinbrecher, Dokken-McFann, Steidl – yes.  Opposed:  none.  Motion carried unanimously.

New Business:  none

Old Business:  none

Zoning Administrator’s Report:  Oleson reported he’d received a query about putting an RV on a slab on a lot off Co Rd 23.  There are considerable wetlands on the northern portion of the lot.  While a home could potentially be built, the landowner’s preference at this time is to utilize the lot for an RV with a slab.  Consensus of the planning commission is to require the landowner to apply for a variance citing Section K. Recreational Equipment (Recreational Vehicle) in the zoning ordinance which states: “The parking of recreational equipment by a guest on the property of a permanent dwelling shall be allowed for a period not to exceed thirty (30) consecutive days and is subject to the general provisions K.2a 2-5 of this subsection.”

Adjournment:  Being no further business Dokken-McFann, seconded by Haar, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 6:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted…


Bonnie Fulghum, Administrative Assistant

Approved this ____ day of ___________, 2024


Larry Steidl, Chairman